The world just changed. Will you?

We are a group of C-level leaders, impact entrepreneurs, and trailblazing technologists, committed to helping the world thrive through the profound economic and social turbulence ahead. We work together with people making a fruitful transition for all humanity. 

If you need help, contact us. If you want to join us, be in touch.

Ernest Koe

Architecting systems, software and innovative teams.

Chip Storey

Planning and managing large-scale complex projects.

Marcia Conner

Removing obstacles and crafting alternative approaches.

Dennis Whittle

Asking what if? and why not?

Steve Ritchie

Operationalizing programs, processes, and products.

… and more

Expanding depending on needs.

From Normal to Next

In contrast to those repeating the phrase “New Normal,” as if saying that often enough will upend old folly, we invite you to create with us what comes next. We believe resources should be available equitably and cooperation can be the norm, where people do good because they know their hard work benefits them and those they care about. We employ ridiculously effective approaches to solving modern problems, that together will culminate in something big. We aim for no less than a cultural shift and a world all people are proud to live in.

Trust Matters

We have worked with and within many of the world’s premier organizations.

We look forward to meeting you soon.